What support do you provide?

We are like a landlord who simply leases you space to use online.  Problems with the bricks and mortar of that space are our responsibility to deal with, but anything related to the website you create or anything you put in that space (or even difficulties using the facilities provided by us) are your responsibility, not ours.

What is your support resolution time?

Most tickets are completely resolved in less than 12 hours. Emergencies are always prioritized and resolved faster.

What is your Uptime Guarentee?

We provide a minimum of 99% uptime.

Excluding service interruptions caused by:

(1) periodic scheduled maintenance or repairs we may undertake from time to time, of which you have been notified or have been made public via SCAServer announcements
(2) emergency maintenance
(3) interruptions caused by you from your configuration, custom scripting, coding or the installation of third-party applications
(4) outages that do not affect the appearance of your website but merely affect access to your website such as FTP and email
(5) causes beyond our control or that are not reasonably foreseeable
(6) outages related to the reliability of certain programming environments
(7) distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks
(8) problems caused by your physical location.

What version of Apache are you running?

All new websites that are created run on Apache 2.4.x

What version of PHP are you running?

All new accounts are setup with PHP 7.x

PHP 5.6 (EOL) and 7.x are available and user selectable in the control panel.

What version of MySQL are you running?

All new accounts are setup with 10.1.x-MariaDB

Do you provide SSH Access?


Can I use my own nameservers?